Untrafiltration Plant

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a hydro static membrane which rejects suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and produces a water quality with very high purity and low silt density. It is used as a pre-treatment for industrial biologically effluent, surface water prior to reverse osmosis and other membrane systems.

UF is a low pressure-driven mechanical process for separating and concentrating suspended solids, colloids and high molecular weight materials in solution.  UF membranes are tubular filters, which are designed and manufactured by a leading European supplier.

They reject solids while allowing clean water to pass through.  The UF design uses the wash water to flow over the membrane surface at a set flow rate and pressure, which keeps the surface clean from solids build up.

Key Benefits of Ultrafiltation:

  • Removal of suspended solids and turbidity with constant filtrate quality.
  • High bacteria and virus removal rates.
  • High chemical resistance and temperature tolerance for effective membrane cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maximum operational safety and reliability.
  • Compact design resulting in small system footprint
  • Excellent filtration performance with high flux


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