New Hybrid Dissolved Air Flotation System

Water Aeration Pre-Treatment

The new Hybrid Dissolved Air Flotation System (H-DAF) is fast establishing itself as the start-of-the-art replacement for traditional DAF systems, used in waste water pre-treatment for industrial and municipal applications.

The Hybrid DAF is a combination of dissolved air and induction air.  The induction air is added as a first stage of the process where it targets the heavy solid loading followed by dissolved air where it polishes off the final water, prior to discharge from the system.

The Key benefits of H-DAF are:

  • More effective pre-treatment
  • Lower operating cost in power and maintenance
  • No blocking of pump valves or air nozzles
  • Proven to be more reliable than traditional systems
  • Handles wide range of loadings
  • Operates on all types of applications
  • Totally enclosed as standard (e.g. odour control)

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