Microwave Drying Technology

Modular Microwave Dryer

The BioWave® is a patented continuous-flow process for drying and pathogen destruction in various by-products including municipal bio-solids. The BioWave® process uses a high-efficiency multi-mode microwave system specifically designed to remove moisture and destroy the pathogen content of by-products resulting from a variety of municipal, industrial and agricultural operations.

The BioWave® process is currently in use both in the United States and Europe and is acknowledged by the EPA as a process with the ability to produce Exceptional Quality bio-solids. The BioWave® equipment is available in various sizes (and modules), each with the ability to dry a certain throughput of material. The modular construction enables variable sizing, dependent on the amount of material to be dried and the volume of water to be removed.

Key Features and Performance:

  • Significant reduction of weight and volume from 20% DS to 95% DS
  • Nutrient value of material is unaffected
  • Pathogen destruction
  • Can produce Class A, Exceptional Quality Biosolids and is recognized by the EPA (USAand inEurope)
  • Energy efficient
  • No warm up or cool down period required
  • Heating of material is volumetric
  • No dust control or air permits required
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Easily added to existing dewatered waste processing streams
  • Minimal usage of energy
  • Systems sized for specific throughput needs

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