The choice of best technology and equipment is the critical success factor, in your waste management strategy. Our core contribution on behalf of the client is to help identify the right technology to meet the specific requirements:

  • Our research and development activities enables us to evaluate new technologies and products which offer improved performance in water treatment and which can then provide the best cost-benefit results for specific deployment scenarios and clients.  We also partner with Universities and through other independent studies to test the comparative effectiveness of alternative technologies.
  • Evaluation and cost-benefit analysis, today also means having the ability to account for environmental costs.  Our cost-benefit simulation tools enable us to factor for direct, indirect and environmental costs/savings. This can also include estimates of carbon credits/carbon offsets, based on energy and transportation costs, as well as carbon equivalent process emissions (CO2-e), if appropriate.
  • In addition we facilitate piloting of specific technologies, from small scale simulation to large scale piloting, using mobile trial units deployed on-site during a pilot period: This can enable the client to conduct independent evaluations of proposed technologies to determine the precise cost-benefit for their site and assist in the final selection process.

Our technologies cover the following areas:

Water Treatment and Recovery Technologies

Sludge Drying Technologies and Bio-solid Treatment

Renewable Energy and Resource Recovery