Solteck Announce Launch of New Products in 2013

Solteck have announced the 2013 launch of two new products; the new High Efficiency Screw Press and the new advance Hybrid Disolved Air Flotation(H-DAF) system.  

Solteck’s new Screw Press technology is the latest development in our search for excellence in best available technology. It has produced significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency. Energy savings of up to 80% are achievable versus comparable systems, such as belt press and centrifuge based technologies. The new Screw Press has successfully dewatered sludge with dry solids content, as low as 0.2% DS.

The capacity of the screw press is dependant upon the total solids content and dewatering characteristics of the sludge type being processed. In all cases, a thickened dried cake of no-flow quality will be produced, with a total solids content ranging from 12% to 42%. The screw press can dewater from 0.5m3/hr to 20m3/hr with a solids recovery of 98%. The unit can be attached to our sludge dryers, as part of an integrated fully-cycle process solution.

The Screw Press can be used for the dewatering of biological sludge’s, DAF sludge’s, Digested sludge’s, food production sludge’s, mixed sludge’s and aeration tanks. It has a wide spectrum of industry applications, incliding; Food, Brewing, Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Public Water Utilities and others.

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The new Hybrid Dissolved Air Flotation(H-DAF) solution is a start-of-the-art replacement for traditional DAF systems, used in waste water pre-treatment for industrial and municipal applications.

The Hybrid DAF syste uses is a combination of dissolved air and induction air. The induction air is added as a first stage of the process where it targets the heavy solid loading followed by dissolved air where it polishes off the final water, prior to discharge from the system. H-DAF has a wide range of applications and is particularly suited to the Oil, Petrochemical and Paper industries.

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