Advance Water Purification System

Advanced Fiber Filter Technology

The advance water purification systems use fiber filter technology. Fiber filter is an innovative technology with a number of advantages over existing alternatives including automated self cleaning using feed water and air, low energy consumption, and no requirement for consumables or additives. The robust construction is impervious to a wide range of contaminants and the simple design is easily scalable to increase capacity. There are two technologies available; Pore Control Fiber Filter(PCF) and Gravity Flow Fiber Filter(GFF)

Pore Control Fiber Filter(PCF):
Pore Controllable Fiber Filter is made up of Flexible fiber bundles, built around a strainer. The technology is a precise and advanced fine fiber filter unit having removal efficiency of over 95% in suspended solids when treating clarified water. The average SS in the filtrate water ranges from 1 to 3mg/l.

Gravity Flow Fiber Filter(GFF):
The Gravity Flow Filter or (GFF) is a gravity type fiber filtration system with extended nonwoven fiber filter bundle, which has been fixed on the bottom, and compressed to make 2~3cm of filtering layer thickness on the perforated plate. It filters by gravity to a depth of 30cm water level difference.
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